Overview of Lucky Bucks Inc.

Lucky Bucks (“LB”) is a digital skill-based coin operated amusement machine (COAM) route operator based in and incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia in the U.S. LB is the holder of a Master License, and our machines are fully licensed and governed by the Georgia Lottery Corporation and offer players a variety of digital skill-based coin-operated amusement machines. LB’s growth has outpaced the broader COAM gaming market in Georgia, and is now a leading operator with one of the largest and fastest growing footprints in the market.

Skill Games Offered

Lucky Bucks provides its customers access to all the skill games offered in the Georgia market. These games range from new games to historically strong performers offered by the industry leaders in Georgia: IGT, Primero and Banilla.

Best of Nudge
Cash City
Fantasy Lane
Fun in the Sun
Magic Party
Multi Nudge