James Boyden

More than 17 years of experience working as an investment banker in Canada and the U.S. with multiple firms including Lehman brothers, UBS and Bear Stearns. Through his career, Mr. Boyden has experience in operations, investing, corporate finance and advisory in gaming and gaming technology.

  • 3 years in Italian market working to execute a similar consolidation strategy
  • 2 years of business development work in Georgia gaming market
  • Completed over $8bn of M&A and $2 bn of corporate finance advisory transactions
  • Master of Arts from the University of Toronto, and Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University

Tony Kassam
Director of Operations

  • Over 7 years of experience in all aspects of the Georgia COAM industry
  • Mr. Kassam’s leadership role in strategic planning, continuous improvement in route management, human resource planning and excellent customer service has contributed tremendously to the growth of the company since its inception in 2013.